Saturday, August 11, 2012

Greek Yogurt Cake

Ok, I knew this would happen... I write a few posts, then the school year starts, and then I abandon my nest and let three weeks go by before writing anything else.  Sorry.  My bad.  I don't really have time to post one today, but I felt like I just had to. 

First of all - for all of those who gave me & the hubbs all those wonderful wedding gifts but haven't received a thank-you note, we're sorry... and excited.  We're sorry that it looks to you, I'm sure, that we're ungrateful.  We're not.  We treasure the gift and the love behind it so much.  We're excited because FINALLY found a box of thank-you notes, already written and addressed, just needing stamps, and the list of ones unwritten, tucked safely away in a box.  I've been pulling my hair out trying to find them; they just got buried in the move.  So they're coming soon.  But for now, thank you.  We love you.

And now, on to the part where the title finally makes sense.  Some of you know, most of you don't, and in a minute you all will, that I'm a Weight Watcher.  Yes, me.  It started in January and ended at the beginning of the honeymoon.  I'm picking it back up again this week.  While there are a few pounds I'd like to get rid of, it's mostly for maintaining current status through my life and adopting healthy habits that I can follow forever.  ANYWAY, because of all that, I'm constantly on the hunt for ways to cheat at cooking, and greek yogurt cake is the best I've found yet.  I'll never bake a cake from a box the same way again.  (Notice I didn't say I'll never bake cake from a box... I almost always backe cakes from boxes...)  Not only is is way healthier, it's also way simpler and way faster.  Instead of getting out the oil, getting out the eggs, pulling out a measuring cup (which you'll also have to wash later), you simply grab the cake mix box and a cup of non-fat greek yogurt.  You also need a cup of water, but since the cup of yogurt is, well... a cup, you don't need a measuring cup; just use the yogurt cup to measure the water.  A little mixing and a preheated oven later, you have an exteremly moist cake waiting on you... and all you had to clean was the bowl and wisk (which you probably licked clean anyway).  Oh!  And that's the other thing!  If you're like me and addicted to batter, this is a totally safe alternative to the raw egg situation.  It's like a win-win-win-win!  I didn't take any pictures, because the cake looks like any other cake.... the beauty is that it's simple and healthy.  Try it out!!

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