Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"New" Lamps

My fabulous aunt & uncle gave me a wedding present - two lamps.  They're different and kinda weird, which fits me, haha.  But they didn't quite fit the style of our house.  My room (when I lived in a house with friends) was vintage France - lots of black, silver, crystal, and distressing.  Our house is cute and country, with hardwood floors and various shades of brown everywhere.

I loved the shape of the lamps, though, and decided they just needed a good coat of paint.  I used Krylon's primer+paint in beige.  It took several coats - 1-1/2 cans to do both lamp stands - but they look great.

(The broom asked to be in the shot... he was feeling kinda left out.)

Of course the shades would look silly on the beige stands, so I had to something about that, too.  I stumbled upon this post from Enjoy the Simple Things (a blog I love), and I knew this was a project I had to do.  Laura Lynn goes into good detail in her post on how to do it, so I'll just give you pics of my project with a few captions.

Paint sticks, stained.

I laid out all the sticks on the shade and held them with clothespins.

 I used wood glue (instead of the hot glue that Laura Lynn used) and "clamped" it with more clothespins.  I did every other stick so that I could position the clothespins properly.

Here's the second round of glue.

Done with one!!

 << Here's the big one.

Here's the little one.>>

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