Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thrift Find... SEW Proud!

If I'm totally honest with myself (and all of you Finch Followers out there), I must admit that my frequency at the thrift shops in town has hit stalker-like levels in the last few weeks.  Things move slowly in our town, so it's not likely that I'd miss a great find if I only went once a week or so... but in my great hunt for things to use on the hall tree project, the store owners are learning my name... and looking at me kinda funny.

All that is worth it, though, because last week I found THIS:

Oh, my, gosh, isn't it great!?!  These were super popular in their day, and they're making a resurgence in the name of vintage.  They were asking $50 for it, and I had the cashier call the owner, and I talked him down to $35... oh yeah, and I didn't realize it, but the sewing machine is still there!  Didn't find that out until Alex had to go by the shop later that day and lift the thing (oops!).  So now I have my table for the hall tree... It needs a little TLC, but I'm kinda partial to old beat-up things, so I will probably leave it as is for now...  Here are some more pics... man, I love this thing.


  1. Rachel, What a find! Your great grandmother, Grandma Seigler, was an expert seamstress and had a sewing machine like this. I loved sitting at it and pushing the pedal. She took the thread and needle out for me (probably to save her machine). We didn't live close enough for her to sew for us, but our cousins has beautiful dresses to wear. Aunt Sally

  2. Love it. My friend uses hers as a desk.