Thursday, June 28, 2012


I am pleased to announce... no, I'm ecstatic and humbled beyond belief to praise the Lord for His faithfulness in allowing me to find a job.  After months of anxious waiting and fretting (while still trying to trust God in what He had planned), I found out about a job opening here in town one day, got a call for an interview two days later, and had the job 1.5 hours after that.  Isn't that how He works?  Nothing, nothing... nothing.... still nothing......... then BAM!  Blessings.  I'll be teaching 1st grade at a really good school with a new fun principal.  I'm excited beyond words.  I guess my school blog will start a little sooner than I thought......   :)

My school-centered blog is up: Munchkin Land.  Check it out!

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