Tuesday, June 26, 2012

But Introductions First

Hello, friends!  I am pleased and excited to <timidly> announce that I'm now <going to try to be> a blogger!  I must first admit, I'm horrible with prayer journals and things such as that, so this might be an utter disaster, but I'm giving it a try.

Just to catch you up to speed, I'm Rachel, a 20-something southern girl who just recently got married to a phenomenally sexy high-class redneck.  His name is Alex.  He came with a house, a huge yard, and 3.5 dogs.  What's not to love??  The wedding was so much fun, I wish we could do it again.  The ceremony was at my home church, and it was packed!  We felt so honored and humbled that so many people love us enough to go to a stupid wedding.  My MOH, Shantal, was a hott mess, sobbing as I walked down the aisle, and my husband barely remembers anything... he says he got "in the zone."  I think it's so he didn't break down like Shantal.  The reception was at my parents' house.  A huge tent, lots of garden lights, a few hay bales and a coffee bar later, everyone was having a blast.  Oh, and THEN, there were FIREWORKS... like, literal fireworks!  (Shout-out to my cousin Nick and Uncle Bryan!)  It went by too quickly.  I am sooo anxious to get our videos and pictures back.  I'll definitely be posting them soon!!

Anyway, back on the ranch... I'm a teacher... or trying to be again.  I moved to be with Alex, giving up my teaching position, and so now I'm on the hunt.  Grrrrr, baby.

The House Finch Nest blog will cover things around the home... DIY projects, home improvement projects, landscaping (which sounds waaaay fancier that what it will actually be in our lives), and random stories, updates, and any "thinks" I think that might be remotely interesting.

If all goes well this summer, I'll also start one for the classroom.  I have a Pinterest board: For the Crazyroom, and just spent a lot of money on a summer teaching wardrobe.  My big two acts of faith, lol.

Well, this is quite a hefty first post, so I'll leave off here.  Pics of us, our pups, friends, family, and homestead will quickly fill the blog, I'm sure.  Check back for updates.  Later, Finch Followers!

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